I never thought id ever date someone who would completely ignore that I’m crying or that I want to talk and party instead. There’s obviously someone or something else that’s making you act this way. Because never in a million years would the Damon I dated back on June 17 2013 treat me the way you did today. Go ahead and fucking party I can care less but when it comes to our relationship, the amount of times we are able to actually have to talk is limited and hard to find. But the amount of times you’re able to party and go out is literally 24/7. The fact that you chose that two days in a row completely ticks me off. I know it’s been hard bc my feelings have been so hard to deal with but you’re giving up on me when I’m in this kind if state shows how fucking low you stopped this time. I’m officially done now and this relationship isn’t going any further bc I don’t date anyone who will disrespect me that hard. Thanks for being like my dad and walking out of my life.
11:44pm 091314
-Veronica Vo

I know you have the complete right to blame me for not talking to you a lot and basically just failing at communicating but it’s just not Kool go ever bail on someone. Like you had the options. And the effort we are both putting in this relationship just sucks

091214 11:11 (<-wish you’d be talking to me)

The amount of just how disappointed I am especially because you’re the one who told me to skype/talk and I really was looking forward to it too and you decide to do otherwise. There’s so much I want to say but honestly I just don’t even want to socialize with even you after you left. I’m not even mad anymore I’m just upset and I know what we both need but can we atleast pull through it until we actually see eachother in person.
-main betch, veronigga

Hey bae

Can we talk on skype/phone tomorrow, heart to heart talk? Lately ive just been idk we feel so empty :( we havent had those in forever and i mids it…youre my best friend and i just want to tell you everything man to woman and i want you to tell me everything woman to man. I just wanna know what our relationship really should be, and how we feel about it. Hope to talk to ya soon bae, i miss youuu

1256am 09/12/14

-from your most precious jewel, diamond dick damon